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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Public Insurance Adjuster?

A public insurance adjuster is an expert on loss adjustments that you retain to assist you in preparing, filing and adjusting your insurance claims. The public insurance adjuster serves you, protecting your interests and not the insurance companies.

How Does A Public Adjuster Help Me?

A public insurance adjuster can alleviate your concerns following a disaster by dealing with every aspect of your claims process. Navigating the requirements and guidelines in your policy to make a claim and preparing all the details to support it, resulting in a more prompt and fair settlement.

How Well Do You Know Your Policy?

Many people have trouble following the technical language of the insurance policy and complicated procedures they must adhere to in order to comply with the policy's terms. In the event of a loss, you should contact a public insurance adjuster to immediately interpret your policy.

Why Should I Hire A Public Insurance Adjuster?

Insurance companies have written your policy in a language that is open to interpretation, with experts on their side doing so in their favor. Public insurance adjusters are your representatives, applying their experience and knowledge to interpret your policy to your benefit.

What Does A Public Adjuster Do?

A public insurance adjuster will create a thorough assessment of your losses using techniques and strategies specialized for your type of loss. Creating and obtaining building repair estimates, producing a detailed inventory and determining the full impact of damages are just a few of the ways a public adjuster will assess a loss.

Can The Public Adjuster Help Me Receive A Faster And More Beneficial Settlement?

Yes indeed. They are trained, licensed and qualified to see things in your policy that most people overlook. They understand the complex stipulations and filing requirements necessary to make your claim. Dealing directly with the insurance company on your behalf, a public adjuster can ensure that your claims process is expedited wherever possible.

How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid?

Your public insurance adjuster's fee is a small percentage of the insurance company's settlement with you. With Coastal Public Adjusting on your side, the results of your claim will be much more favorable. Don't settle for less than what your entitled to, contact Coastal Public Adjusting before you make a claim!