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Dealing With Vandalism

Property ownership, whether residential or commercial, can put you at risk for vandalism. Graffiti, broken windows and other pointless destruction can really ad up. What's worse is if a claim is not submitted in compliance to policy, it can be quickly disputed or denied. Don't take chances letting your insurance company settle with you for less than your entitled, contact Coastal Public Adjusting to handle your claim.

Coastal Public Adjusting assist you by:

  • Negotiating your claim
  • Contacting Specialized Debris Clean-up & Emergency Services
    (Boarding, Temporary Repairs)
  • Reviewing, and Interpreting Policy to Determine Maximum Benefits
  • Estimating extent of Clean Up
  • Contacting Professional Licensed Restoration Companies
  • Assistance in Securing Advanced Monies

What You Can Do To Get Started

Contact the Police as soon as possible, file a report and obtain a copy for your records. Help substantiate your claim by taking pictures or video of the damages. This can be compelling proof when filing your claim, especially if you happen to have any pictures or video taken prior to the incident as a reference. Even if you do not have before and after photograph/video to document your claim an experienced public adjuster who's been there before can negotiate on your behalf to help you procure a settlement.